New Yorkie Harness



Tough harnesses for cool dogs. The pup is up for some serious dog park credit with the New Yorkie harness.

The Gangs Of New Yorkie harnesses are designed to ergonometrically wrap around the front legs instead of the neck to prevent choking & features a breast plate for maximum comfort. Handcrafted in Brooklyn using top quality leather and lined with soft leather for durability. Pick from our best selling colors from our swatch chart and, for extra customization, choose from our four lettering styles to write the kid’s name on the harness: just please make sure to add the dog's name in the comments box at checkout (and if ordering multiple harnesses, please let us know which name goes with which color or size). We also handpick a charm for each harness so please tell us a little about your dog unique personality and quirks...

Although the Gangs Of New Yorkie harnesses are adjustable (the measurement in the chart is from the buckle to the center hole), please follow the measuring instructions for accurate size.

We are all about bespoke goods! If you would like us to fetch a color or material not listed on the dropdown or need a harness for bigger kids, please bark us a line at

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How to Measure