This is our story & we are sticking to it

Smoking, drinking, gambling, over kibbling…
No, this is not how the Gangs Of New Yorkie begun.

It all started in early nineties, when a wide-eyed young yorkie full of hopes and ideals named Mr Phoo set his four feet in NYC.
Times were tough, but Mr Phoo prevailed. Working long hours and at all kind of odd jobs, he tried for the honest life.

That is until the day push came to shove: in early July two thousand and two, Mr Phoo tasted crime & it tasted great!

After enlisting his best friend Playbs Barkatto and his best gal Nellie, Mr Phoo formed the Gangs Of New Yorkie in Soho.

Soon enough the entire city was in his paws.
Kibble by kibble, Gangs Of New Yorkie expanded and set its roots in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Long story short, Mr Phoo went into witness protection and, while trusting the everyday business to Steve,

the gangs’ CBO (Chief Barking Executive), he still oversees all activities.

In between brawls with the rival gang Bowowskis and serious doggie entertainment at the nightclub Pup’s,

the Gangs Of New Yorkie is creating a lifestyle brand for the tough but sophisticated kids.
Our products are all handcrafted in Brooklyn under the strict terrier supervision.
We dedicate ourselves to personalization so feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.

C’mon and bark us your orders!