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Wag That Tail!

My mom misses having me at work – Mr Phoo went to the office with her every day & absolutely loved it! He would even jump in the bag and just wait while she is ready to leave. Me, I get reeeeally bored after a while and bark until she takes me home. Plus I think my dad would he helpless without my guidance. Helpless! So I am thinking of getting her a Solar Dog to keep her puppy fix throughout the day. A solar panel on the collar powers up the tail, that just wags and wags and wags. Like mine.

Caught On Camera

The perpetrator in that disturbing youtube of a hooded youth chewing on shoes and raising hell on the L train in the wee hours of the night has been nabbed! Here is the incriminating photo that led to cute mugster Sasha. The foul mouth kitten friend Nala, who filmed the whole thing, is still at large.

The Beer Doggles Dossier

*** This entry is our guest post for the Blogpocalypse blogathon. Get yourself over to Kol’s Notes for a chance of winning a Gangs Of New Yorkie personalized collar & many other awesome prizes while helping the amazing Lucky Dog Rescue ***

I observe. I take notes. And yes, my dog friends: zombies are already amongst us. This is an excerpt from the Beer Doggles Dossier.

The author researching at **** ***** *****  – Brooklyn, NY – October 2011

Just a little info on my background: my name is Steve and I am a yorkie. I married young, right out of obedience school – then came kids, picket fences, my very own 5 and a half-ish years suburban existence. You get the picture.  However, after a big turn of events, I ended getting divorced and moved to NYC with my new parents to help run the Gangs of New Yorkie. That was about the time when I first came in touch with zombies.

I am used to bars. Heck, I even manage a nightclub called Pups. I am used to the mayhem of too much fun. I am a terrier, for pupsake! But I gotta tell you that humans are one weird-ass breed. When my parents sat me down to tell me that they would like to expose me to all kinds of situations to help me socialize better (yeah right), little did I know that they meant I would have to learn to live with all species… Living or not! You see, my parents have the habit of taking me to bars whenever they want to hang out with their friends. That’s when I came to the conclusion that bars are nothing but the changing room for zombies.

Let me walk you through it: we get to the bar, grab a table, my mom pops up my collapsible bowl so I get some libations too (even though I must say that my choices are pretty limited in comparison) and within minutes you can just see them turning… That nice hipster guy that pet me on the way in?  Give a couple of hours and a slurring, wobbling creature replaces him trying to get to me. That cute tattooed chick that just smiled at my pretty yorkie face? After I put the beer doggles on, it is just another clumsy arm reaching out for me. And no, I don’t think bar zombies are after my brain – I am well aware of my dogger charm.

Do you see where I am going, though? We are obviously  irresistible to both humans and booze zombies – sloppy as they may be! So I ask you my canine friends: how can we benefit from this? Unfortunately the health department does not allow establishments that serve food to allow us in otherwise we were golden! I thought of good old blackmail, just getting the phone out & taking pictures is out of question as zombies are not particularly found of flashlights…

While you think of ways we can extort them, I will leave you with scenes of this year’s Zombie Crawl in my neighborhood.

Crowded Bed

Have some extra room in bed but cannot adopt or foster another doggie? Well, then Bob is here to help you out. Bob loves sniffing around, walking, not listening and stealing sandwiches from the kitchen sink. But most of all Bob loves sleeping. So much that he ended up having his real size photo catching some zzzzzs printed on a soft cotton duvet by Snurk Bedding. Love that a photo of Bob the muse is also featured on the online shop… Awake!

All The Right Moves

Ahhh Summer, you went by so fast!

Here’s a glimpse of Steve’s athletic prowess. Yup, I should not be talking in third person, but I think I am ready for the big time… Sports agents and big time endorsements, you know where to find me!

The Wait Is Almost Over!

The wait is over!

Back in May, one of our favorite blogs announced that they were taking a break to restructure itself. And boy, we missed them! Serena & Soda always gave us such inspired, modern & elegant posts that we have been going through gorgeous withdraw. But we cannot contain the tail wagging because we know that Pretty Fluffy is coming back bigger, prettier & fluffier tomorrow, September 12, with a refreshed focus on Lifestyle & Dogs. We cannot wait to check it out!!!


All Dogs Are Champions & Deserve A Loving Home

Through no fault of their own, more than four million dogs enter shelters and rescue organizations every year. That’s four million hungry mouths to feed, four million dogs that require medical attention, shelter and love – and the fact that half of those amazing kids never find a place to call home is just heartbreaking. The PEDIGREE Foundation mission is to help those dogs by providing grants to shelters and rescue groups and by encouraging dog adoption. They have already raised more than $376,570 so far this year against its goal of $1.5 million to carry out its work to fund grants that not only help shelters operate, but to further shelter innovations. The Foundation depends on charitable contributions from individuals to carry out its mission to help dogs find loving homes.

Here’s how you can help add more kibbles to the bowl: for the second year, the Pedigree BlogPaws bloggers are hosting a blog hop to help raise awareness to the plight of shelter dogs and to promote adoption. With the “Write a post, help a dog” effort, each post mentioning the PEDIGREE Foundation until today at midnight ET will result in the donation of a 20 pound bag of their new recipe for dogs in shelters nationwide. Just make sure to add your posting to the blog hop.

It is that easy: write a post, help a dog.

In addition to writing a blog post, here’s others ways to help:

Donate online at

Apply for a shelter grant from the Pedigree Foundation by completing a form at

Purchase Dogs Rule Gear at where the proceeds go to the Pedigree Foundation to help loving dogs find a home (get 10% off Dogs Rule Gear by using the promo code BlogPaws10 from August 22 – September 30)


Vote For Steve!!!

Last time that he entered the Modernica Pets on Furniture contest, Steve had his little yorkie tushie unceremoniously handed to him by a trash talking cat. A very cute trash talking cat. No matter what, it was definitely not a pretty scene to watch.
However, good boy Steve gathered his strength and is back on the horse furniture and is now asking for your vote on the second round of the contest.  Voting started today and will go through until Thursday Sept 1st.
He would also appreciate any sort of campaigning and passing this to your friends & family. He would highly endorse voting from multiple devices, as many as possible.
As a gangster, he would ask you to jump on other people’s computers and vote for him, but that is just nuts. You did not hear that from Steve.

We are all aware that those other guys are ridiculously adorable. But vote for Steve the yorkie instead. It is for your own good.

So please go ahead and vote here.

Many thanks and tail wags from the Vote For Steve headquarters.

In full disclosure mode & addressing questions from supporters: yes, the tongue is completely natural. Steve did not have any work done.


Ha! I might finally get a break with this one… You see, my mom is a compulsive key loser so she is always late to leave the house. I could help her find them with my super sniffer powers but I am sooo damn sleepy in the morning. That and that I have been asking for 10 grand to leave the bed and so far, no takers. So I suppose I have to get her a Fetch My Keys key chain from SuckUK. Fetch My Keys is a dogger shaped key ring that has a beeper that is set off when you whistle – along with a flashing nose to guide you to your keys. Not to mention it is pretty easy on the eyes too!

Wags For Wellness Walk

Here’s the deal: on August August 13 at 11am, grab your parents & buddies (canine & human) and head to the Salty Paw store to join the “Wags for Wellness Walk”. This is a cool fund-raising dog walk over the Brooklyn Bridge that culminates in a wild “after-pawty” in Hillside Dog Park, with tons of yummy treats, cool refreshments, raffle prizes and special presentation by Andrea Arden of Animal Planet’s Underdog to Wonderdog!

Need more info? Please go to Pawgua to learn more and to register.

Thanks to The Salty Paw, Andrea Arden Dog Training, Throw me a Bone NYC, Rocco and Jezebel, and Pawgua for putting this all together to raise funds to help the furry kids at Animal Haven and The Animal Medical Center!