Yes Little Fluffa, There Is A Santa

Have you heard of the Santa Paws Drive? Santa Paws Drive is an amazing effort dedicated to helping shelter animals around the world have a little holiday love too. While waiting for their forever home, these furry friends are often overlooked during the holidays and it is their goal to make sure they get the love, attention and gifts that other pets are lucky enough to get. For their third year, Santa Paws Drive is doing the first “virtual toy drive” for pets: choose to donate either cash or gifts and the Santa Paws elves will divide up the goodies and money and send them off to six shelters across the world. The goal is $900 plus oodles of toys and treats for each shelter! Now let’s go help those furry elves…


3 Comments to “Yes Little Fluffa, There Is A Santa”

  1. Thanks so much for helping spread the word about Santa Paws Drive — and for your donation! We really appreciate everyone’s support so we can make this the best Christmas ever for these special doggies and kitties! :)

  2. Pip says:

    This is a most wonderful cause and we will definitely participate!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Steve you is a good Dogfather! A little money, a little love on my blog – I is in!