Too Damn Hot

Yeah, I did complain about the blizzard. I did. But there is no reason a yorkie must walk around on a one hundred freaking four degrees weather, is there? So it’s true – I do not do extreme temperatures very well…

Long story short: my parents stopped by PS9 Pets to pick up a cooling toy for me and the Cool Pet Pad caught their eyes… What? No need to recharge or refrigerate? Yup, the pad works on body pressure, so when I lay my hot yorkie body on the pad, it immediately starts cooling. & it will keep cool for about 3 hours (by then I would want to walk around & do all my business dog stuff, anyway) & the Cool Pet Pad simply recharge by simply being left alone. The picture above was taken minutes after my parents open the package. Enough said?

Oh, of course they forgot to get the damn cooling toy & will have to go back this weekend. Typical!

3 Comments to “Too Damn Hot”

  1. blanket says:

    The Cool Pet Pad sounds brilliant and really works by the look of Steve – seems like a good idea as an extra to my bed, do they come in large sizes? 😀

  2. That looks awesome. If summer ever comes to Vancouver, maybe we’ll have to get one.

  3. Pup Fan says:

    What a smart idea!