Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Puppies Of all Ages! We present you the Great Yorkie Bark-Off film – a Will My Dog Hate Me production!!!

On the right corner: Weighting 6 pounds, 3 point five year old Dexter, also known as Darkly Dreaming Dexter!!! Born and raised in the “New York of the North” Toronto, Canada, Dexter had a tough childhood moving from family to family until a creative young loving couple took him in and help this ball of yorkie determination blossom.  Dexter is on a quest to become more famous than Lassie and has the successful web-series, Dexter’s Ruff Life. Although his troubled past still haunts him, music and rapping are his way of expressing his anger of his past while sharing his talents to help make the future for other pups a better place.  He keeps his fighting shape with a routine of ball playing, treats and by humping his piggie.

On the left corner: Weighting 10 point five pounds, Steve – also known as El Fabuloso Chimpoxit!!! New York native 7 point five year old terrier has been in the circuit since early 2009 when he joined the ranks of Gangs of New Yorkie. A hard working and heavy partying yorkie, Steve juggles his responsibilities as the gangs’ Chief Barking Officer, the manager of the nightclub Pups and his love for Lucha Libre. A passionate advocate for shelter reform & animal population control, Steve maintains his boyish figure by playing frisbee, keeping his tongue out at all times while wagging his tail and hitting the pavement in search of inspiration for the Gangs of New Yorkie line and cool things to blog about.

Brought to you by Frankie & Edie, the Great Yorkie Bark-Off video is now live at Will My Dog Hate Me, where you can vote for the TOP DOG title. Only one motherpuppy can win so all votes count. As a bribe incentive to vote, we are giving away a choice of either one of the Gangs of New Yorkie custom made collar or harness in distressed brown leather personalized with your dog’s name in either Notorious or Shine lettering – don’t forget to leave a comment to be eligible to win. So go visit Frankie now & tell him that Steve sent you!

Oh – & keep checking back after the contest closes at midnight EST on April 2nd: the yorkie with the least amount of votes will have to concede to the Top Dog. And that’s a whole new story…

11 Comments to “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!!”

  1. June Bjorn says:

    Waiting with great anticipation!

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  4. blanket says:

    The video is really great!! So good to see you Steve – it’s hard to say (because you are so cute) – YOU are the baaaadest puppy in town and will definitely be the champion of the bark-off!!

  5. Justine says:

    How adorable! Love, Rosco at Wet Nose Guide http://www.wetnoseguide.com

  6. OMG…the video was exactly what I needed on a this very sleepy Monday. We voted for Steve!!!!

  7. How pawsome!! Such a clever video event! I can’t decide – One is really cute and one is really cute!

  8. Priscilla says:

    Oh so cute! I have to vote for Dexter!

  9. psm_pets says:

    Too cute and so much fun! Hope my vote for Dexter counts in, way to go boys!!

  10. Linda says:

    What a creative idea! These two yorkies are the BEST! May the best dog win and the other stand tall and proud. I hope they plan to release a CD.