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The 13 Project

The 13 Project is a Pretty Fluffy initiative that involves 13 acts of kindness towards animals in the 13 weeks left of this year. No matter how big or how small the action might be, it all makes a difference! And sharing your ideas can also inspire others to do something great, so we would love to hear your list of achievable and worthy goals before 2013.

We put our nuggets together and these are the goals we came up with (granted, we missed a week for being procrastinating terriers, but we will try to make it up):

1. Go through our closets & donate blankets, towels to the shelter kids. We are in NYC, we donate via Creatures Comforts (it is a non profit organization that gather the goods & take to ACC – also including toys & rugs. Plus they even do pick ups).

2. Our wonky schedule prevents us from fostering, but not from sharing doggies in need of homes. We will take advantage of facebook, twitter and our big mouths to get the word out for more kids.

3. I know Momma loves chocolate. I know Momma loves Rescue Chocolate. I foresee a bunch of Peanut Butter Pit Bulls & Mission Feral Figs in this household. She says the chocolate is not only super tasty, but the quality is so freaking good that she says it fits right in with her diet.

4. Support local rescue groups with loot for fundraisers and by promoting them as much as possible. We are truly grateful for the tireless and most times heartbreaking work they do. We would love to help more, so if you are with a rescue please feel free to hit us up!

5. Keep kibble & treat sample packs always available in the bag for whenever we run into a homeless person with their pooch (or when possible, give them a full size bag of kibble). It might not solve the problem but it is one less thing for them to worry about.

6. Keep on boycotting any pet stores that sell puppies. We refuse to set paws in establishments that promote puppy mills.

7. Advocate for a No-Kill NY and volunteer to help in an upcoming adoption event. We are so embarrassed we just missed Adopt NY‘s event in our own stomping ground!

8. Walk the kids from the local shelter more often. Oh wait! We can bake some super tasty and healthy treats to take to the shelter and then go walk the pups. Double yummy!

9. Spread the word on spaying & neutering and share any information we get on low cost services we hear of (that goes for microchipping as well).

10. Help promoting pet toy drives like the awesome upcoming Santa Paws Drive.

11. Share all the good health tips that comes our way (Daley’s Dog Years is an amazing source of info for senior pups, by the way).

12. Be thankful of what we have & remember to take the time to have an extra super snuggle with our pups and doggie friends.

13. Read all the other entries & get inspired by all the great ideas of #The13Project!

Pedigree’s Write a Post, Help A Dog

Here’s how you can help add more kibbles to the bowl: for the third year, the Pedigree BlogPaws bloggers are hosting a blog hop to help raise awareness to the plight of shelter dogs and to promote adoption. With the “Write a post, help a dog” effort, each post mentioning the PEDIGREE Foundation until today at midnight ET will result in the donation of a 17 pound bag of dog food in shelters nationwide. Just make sure to add your posting to the blog hop. If you need more info, please feel free to use the postcard below. Now get those wagging tails to work!