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While Hurricane Sandy had devastating effects on our area, here at the Gangs of New Yorkie headquarters, it brought us little Darla.  She had been living on the streets of Brooklyn until she was rescued by the awesome people at Dog Habitat Rescue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The shelter had to be evacuated due to the hurricane and some the puppies needed a place to stay… It turns out that Darla was one of them so we cleared with our CBO, Steve the Yorkie, and we had a new roommate to ride the storm. After deciding to take over our bed, Darla became very comfortable with the spa treatment she was receiving so we kept her on as a foster. Then one day our friend from Tokyo flew in for work and instantly fell in love with Darla’s sweet smile and laid back attitude. She made such a good impression that our friend put in the papers to adopt her and Darla would wait out the quarantine time at our house until she is able to board a flight to Tokyo, Japan.

In the meantime, we took Darla to the vet to get her quarantine process started and found out that she had mammary gland tumors that needed to be removed, along with her spay surgery. While doggie insurance does not cover it, we decided to go through with the fairly expensive surgery. In order to recoup some of the cost, we want to hold our version of a Darlathon: we are offering offer our Gangs of New Yorkie custom made collars and harnesses at a discounted price with 100% of the sales going to Darla’s recovery. If you would be interested in purchasing one of these products through our store or at etsy and donating to the Darlicious’ cause, please use the code DARLATHON for 20% off at checkout (or email us at Darla will be happy to provide an autograph free of charge, by the way.

The Beer Doggles Dossier

*** This entry is our guest post for the Blogpocalypse blogathon. Get yourself over to Kol’s Notes for a chance of winning a Gangs Of New Yorkie personalized collar & many other awesome prizes while helping the amazing Lucky Dog Rescue ***

I observe. I take notes. And yes, my dog friends: zombies are already amongst us. This is an excerpt from the Beer Doggles Dossier.

The author researching at **** ***** *****  – Brooklyn, NY – October 2011

Just a little info on my background: my name is Steve and I am a yorkie. I married young, right out of obedience school – then came kids, picket fences, my very own 5 and a half-ish years suburban existence. You get the picture.  However, after a big turn of events, I ended getting divorced and moved to NYC with my new parents to help run the Gangs of New Yorkie. That was about the time when I first came in touch with zombies.

I am used to bars. Heck, I even manage a nightclub called Pups. I am used to the mayhem of too much fun. I am a terrier, for pupsake! But I gotta tell you that humans are one weird-ass breed. When my parents sat me down to tell me that they would like to expose me to all kinds of situations to help me socialize better (yeah right), little did I know that they meant I would have to learn to live with all species… Living or not! You see, my parents have the habit of taking me to bars whenever they want to hang out with their friends. That’s when I came to the conclusion that bars are nothing but the changing room for zombies.

Let me walk you through it: we get to the bar, grab a table, my mom pops up my collapsible bowl so I get some libations too (even though I must say that my choices are pretty limited in comparison) and within minutes you can just see them turning… That nice hipster guy that pet me on the way in?  Give a couple of hours and a slurring, wobbling creature replaces him trying to get to me. That cute tattooed chick that just smiled at my pretty yorkie face? After I put the beer doggles on, it is just another clumsy arm reaching out for me. And no, I don’t think bar zombies are after my brain – I am well aware of my dogger charm.

Do you see where I am going, though? We are obviously  irresistible to both humans and booze zombies – sloppy as they may be! So I ask you my canine friends: how can we benefit from this? Unfortunately the health department does not allow establishments that serve food to allow us in otherwise we were golden! I thought of good old blackmail, just getting the phone out & taking pictures is out of question as zombies are not particularly found of flashlights…

While you think of ways we can extort them, I will leave you with scenes of this year’s Zombie Crawl in my neighborhood.

Slumber Party

This Pet Bunk Bed is too cool to ignore, especially when my best buddy Odie (check him out in our mughshots) stays over and we can reminisce about the good old days at the puppy trainning camp.